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  Converting Women's To Men Sizes
Please note:
These are only guides. No one knows your body build and type better
than yourself. When fitting keep in mind these tips are not guaranteed to get you a fit, only help in assisting you to make a decision.
  Jeans & Pants    

We have many women buy men's jeans in particular. It's easy to convert the women's to the comparable men's size.

Add 21 to the ladies size you normally wear and that is the waist size of the men's jean or pant that will come closest to fitting you. There is some room for error either way here so take your build into consideration. If you have fuller hips and rear you may need a size slightly bigger and if your hips are slim or your rear end is flat then you may need a little smaller. Be honest and you'll save an exchange. Men's jeans are not cut as full in the hips as women's so keep this in mind. That is why sometimes this conversion comes out bigger than your waist is. Remember though you have to fit the biggest part whether it's the waist, the hips, or the rear.

Example; You wear a ladies size 12 jean you would try a men's size 33" waist. 12+21=33"

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To convert a women's size to a men's size subtract 1 1/2 sizes from the ladies. So a size 9 1/2 in women's would be an 8 in a men's.

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