Suspender Buttons

Suspender Buttons
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Carhartt No Sew Suspender Buttons
Carhartt No Sew Suspender Buttons
Suspender buttons applied to front of pants showing placement
Suspender buttons applied to back of pants showing placement

    Suspender Buttons

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    If your pants don't have suspender buttons these will fix you right up.

    A complete set you can apply to your pants in about 5 minutes.

    Just push the back tack thru the pants and tap the front on!

    Fast, easy, and they won't come off.

    The approximate diameter of the buttons is .65 inches.

    8 Buttons per Pack

    USA Made by Carhartt.

    View our application video below.


    Walking Boss Button Suspender Reg
    Style #: WALBOSB48
    Heavy duty top grade elastic doesn't stretch out of shape.
    $22.99 $19.99
    Walking Boss Button Suspender Tall
    Style #: WALBOSB56
    If you are over 6 Feet Tall, then these are the suspenders for you!
    $24.99 $21.95

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    Suspender Buttons 4.0 No sew buttons By Carl A Brown They came by the expected delivery date in good shape.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Buttons By Walter Morris These are the perfect solution to getting suspenders on jeans. Cheap, quick, and more reliable than sewn buttons.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Suspender Buttons By S E Ryce Not the most elegant but are an excellent value and work quite well.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Red Wing Laces and Carhart Suspender Buttons By jagandco I loved dealing with Hank's and the products are awesome, shipped promptly and the free shipping sealed the deal.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 worked great By Armando Castillo The buttons I received worked great and if I ever need more Hanksclothing will be my first stop for sure.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Carhart Suspender Buttons By Greg I have a nice pair of suspenders and wanted to use them more. These buttons were a snap to put on my jeans and they look great. I am going to get some more and do all my work pants. ( I hate a belt). These look great as well. Sure beats sewing on buttons. Thanks!
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Buttons for braces By Ken Super easy to install, have only used them a few times but they appear strong. Are about 1/2 the price of the competition and appear to be as good. Order was correct and really fast. Very happy.
    Suspender Buttons 4.0 Suspender buttons By DENNIS STEVENS Although I don't wear suspenders I ordered the metal buttons which are called 'suspender buttons'. I hate to sew on regular buttons and look forward to using these because they are very easy to install and will last indefinitely. Thanks Hank!
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Great By Eugene Corey Great Company
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Easy Suspender Buttons By EDWARD A Just got back into wearing button suspenders because I found a great place to buy the buttons, and not have to worry about my clips unsnapping. These were easy to install, although I found it better to use an awl or ice pick to punch the hole. These were at a great price so I bought 5 packages.
    Suspender Buttons 4.0 Not just for work pants! By William D I have used these buttons to suspenderize all kinds of pants. From work uniforms to field clothing, (camo & cargo pants,) to my snowboarding and snow outerwear. No more tight belts cutting off circulation, No more hiking up droopy trousers, and best of all, completely eliminates plumbers crack! They would get a resounding 5 stars if the tacks were a little less prone to bending while hammering them onto the buttons. Not a deal breaker for such an easy to install product, just requires a more precise, careful touch when attaching them. Great product, great price! Great Site, Thanks Hanks!!!
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 The Best By Michael M I've tried all of the suspender buttons I could buy at retail stores where I live. Most of the others collapsed during installation. Not these. Carrhart buttons are simply the best!
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Easy buttons By Karen L. Great price, easy to put on. Sturdy. Bought enough to redo several pairs of my husbands jeans so he can wear them with suspenders. Look great too!
    Suspender Buttons 4.0 Good but could be better By David C Easy to use and I was able to hammer my way to my new look quite efficiently. Room for improvement: the plastic on the inside would be better as metal. Its really sturdy once its put on but its also almost impossible to take off your pants without damaging it. Though I doubt most people will find this an issue.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Easy to attach By Scott No suprises, they install and work as described.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 suspender buttons By Gail McSparran Great product. Eliminates wearing a belt which is great for those with GERD. Fast delivery.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Suspender Buttons By jcb Great product - Great price In my opinion these are the ones to buy.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Carhartt quality By Lee Hickok USA made. Perfect for the job. Hank's had a backorder, but the communication was great and they shipped quickly.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Suspender Buttons By Irene G. Completely suits the purpose. Had to use a small nail to poke a hole through the spot first... the rest was fast and easy. My husband turned his regular jeans into suspender wearing ones, he actually wears them now.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 My pants are up! By Rich K. Great quality at a fair price, easy to install. Buttons combined with the button hole suspenders keep my pants up all day. Purchased enough for 5 pairs of jeans.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 buttons By Zach very easy to install, very good. work awesomely!
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Suspender Buttons By Joel These went on easily and have been durable so far. Definitely worth the money; they look great on a pair of jeans.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Suspender Buttons By Mike These are exactly as advertised. They were out of stock but shipped pretty quickly anyway. I highly recommend Hank's.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 suspender buttons By Don Watkins These inexpensive metal buttons are easy to install, work perfectly, and promise to last as long as the pants do.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Suspender buttons By Marc R Great product. Everything I had expected, and rapid delivery, too. I think Hank's Clothing is a great place to shop.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Suspender Buttons By don stone Although this was a small inexpensive purchase, it was handled with expeditiously and very professionally. I received the kind of service that I had almost given up on when dealing on line. The price for my suspender buttons was much less then any other site online and they were name brand products. I could not be happier with with the quality and service that I received when shopping with Hanks Clothing.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 EASY BUTTONS By Phil G. If you want to install buttons for suspenders or any other form of dress or work clothing these are the ones to buy. They are really strong and very simple to put on. They are far cheaper than any of the competition and dealing with "Hanks" was very efficient. I would highly recommend them to anyone, especially people like me who don't sew very well. Five stars from me.
    Suspender Buttons 4.0 suspender burttons By
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Good Deal By A Quaility Item for a good price prompt deliver. thanks Chuck
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Great for broken pant buttons By H. B If you have ant missing or broken front pant buttons these make a great replacement.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Carhartt Buttons By Bob Smith The best buttons at the best price.
    Suspender Buttons 4.0 Suspender Buttons By Dwight C The buttons went on easily with needlenose pliars & a hammer (guy job). They appear to be tougher (better quality) than other suspender buttons I've bought locally. I wish I had bought more.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Improve Any Sturdy Pair of Pants By Michael McE These buttons allow you to use leather-ended suspenders with any sturdy pair of pants. You get to wear your own pants without a tight belt or the sagging that comes with the kind of work common on a ranch. I use a pair of pliers to set the pin for the buttons. I have never had to replace a button before I wore out the pants.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Bachlor Buttons By John r Very nice product of very good quality, easy to install,
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Service By William E Great product and fast shipping.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Suspender Buttons By They arrived in a timely manner and are the product we expected. So far there have been no problems with the product. Thank you for your accurate and speedy service.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Suspender Buttons By Chris S Very easy to use and nice looking and strong.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Suspender buttons By Willam Ted E Item was as shown. Easy installation. Very fast shipping. Great business to order from.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Carhart Suspender Buttons By Eric S Very easy to install, alot better quality then the others that I have tried. They dont go on as easy as the video shows but if you start them with the hammer then use a pair of channel lock pliers to finish seating them they work great.Wish I would have ordered more then the 3 packs I did so I could replace all the ones on my other pants.Very fast shipping as well.
    Suspender Buttons 4.0 Suspender buttons By Ed Callaway Buttons hold well and look good. Had to start the hole with an awl on my Leatherman and then the small locking button slipped right though. Hammered them together and they are holding well. Satisfied.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 suspender buttons By Garry H Great service , great product. Video is very informative. Would recomend to anyone.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Superior Suspender Buttons By Bob B Wow! I have never used such a wonderful, easy to hammer, shiny gold suspender button. I will certainly come back to Hank's for all my suspender button needs.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Steel buttons By Chuck
    Suspender Buttons 3.0 Carhart Suspender Buttons By M. Jensen They would be better if the center of the button were not plastic.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Great Service By Michael Maguire I ordered suspender buttons from this company. I love it when a company under promises but over delivers. The buttons were VERY easy to put on, they look great and the price was super. I placed my order and it was at my door in two day. Can not ask for any better product or service than that when shopping on the internet!
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Thomas Dubie By Thomas Dubie Everything in order and shipped quickly. I have no problem doing business with Hank Clothing again.
    Suspender Buttons 3.0 Suspender Buttons By David F. Nice product but not as easy to install as shown in the video. When putting these on jeans, you have to prepunch the holes. Use an awl or icepick.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Carhartt Suspender Buttons By Nigel P Nice, simple and easy to use. Just position and hit with the hammer, job done it's as easy as that. My first time dealing with Hanks but they had the product in stock and extremely quick to ship. USA to UK in about 5 days, couldn't have been much quicker if they'd hopped on the plane and delivered by hand. Good work guys.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Mrs. By Carol H I had looked all over town for suppender buttons but couldn't find any. When I found your web site and that you had the buttons, I was so thankful. Shipment and arrival were prompt. Thank You
    Suspender Buttons 4.0 Mr. Daniel a. Jones By The product quality, prompt delivery and price were more than satisfactory. I will have no hesitation in buying from these people in the future.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Carhartt Suspender Buttons By Tistou L. It' really simple to handle this product. Actually you know how to prepare pants with the buttons, but the showed video makes it impossible to misunderstand. This product is not listet in Germany, but with orderimg more than six items it's verry cheap including the shipping costs...
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Thanks By Judy Wagoner I have ordered from Hank's several times. The quality of items I have ordered and timely fashion of delivery cannot be surpassed. Thank's, Hank's, for being a dependable and trusted online site for me...
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Suspender buttons By Nathan Metz These buttons make it easy to convert your jeans to real suspenders. I always hated the clip-on type. Even the best would lose their grip after a while. With these buttons, I can change over with just a hammer and a block of wood.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 suspender buttons By Jed C Lamb This is a very good product, and dealing with Hanks is a very good experiance. The buttons worked just like you explained and they were easy to install. THANK YOU !
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Suspender Buttons By Kurt R A Received promptly! They work great!
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Great experience By Mark Brakenhoff Product showed up expediently and worked great. I'd definitely return if I need anything else. Thank you for your service!
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 buttons By Jim E Great product and installaton went without a hitch.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 suspender buttons By Jimmy C Just what I needed! Received in a timely manner.
    Suspender Buttons 4.0 Suspender Buttons By Ron Allison Although I had to make a pilot hole with a nail for each button, it still didn't take all that long to rig up a pair of pants for suspenders. It just wasn't as quick and easy as the video had shown. Great product for someone like me who doesn't sew.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Suspender buttons By Exactly as described! Fast shipping! The video demonstration was extremely helpful! Will buy from again. Thanks...
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 user By Charles R Easy to install, look good, inexpensive.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Suspender Buttons By Des M These buttons are really great. I would suggest that rather than cutting a small hole in the fabric one uses a large needle - less liklihood of tearing in the future. Service was great. Imagine, I order something as trivial as buttons on the internet and they arrive over here in Ireland 5 days later! Would be good if these buttons were manufactured in more formal style for suits.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Logger Buttons By Mike J Very easy to apply and hold great ... I used 7R Vise Grip pliers set to the proper clamping range to set mine.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Carhart Suspender Buttons By Robert I ordered and installed these on a couple pairs of pants for Cowboy Action the installation was easy and they seated firmly to the fabric. They look and function as good as factory installed suspender buttons.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Product Review By Roy C The order arrived complete and correct within 1 week. I am pleased with the items and intend to place future orders with your company. Thank you for such prompt service.
    Suspender Buttons 4.0 Suspender Buttons By Very easy to install
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Suspender buttons By Edward T. J Your Carhart suspender buttons are inexpensive, easy to install, and virtually indestructible. And, you charge a nominal postal cost of shipping, not the $7 to $10 most vendors demand.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Suspender Buttons By John M These are something I've been looking for some time now. I have been sewing on regular buttons for my suspemders, but it's difficult to get the right size (without ordering 10,000 other useless buttons too). Also, these don't have to be sewn on (you install them with a hammer - this is truely a "Guy" way to install buttons !!!!). I'll be back for more.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 carhartt suspender buttons By greg pierce local retailers wanted double hanks price! the product is fantastic! price,service and performance is everything they were advertised as! will be a repeat customer and recomend hanks to all my friends!
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Suspender Buttons By Jesse Wemyss I installed said buttons easily, with a small common hammer. They work perfect and easily. Then I broke a suspender button, but not a problem, because each button set has two extra buttons. So a fix is easy and just a matter of installing another button.
    Suspender Buttons 4.0 Suspender Buttons By Sue A This is the lowest price anywhere for these buttons. They are strong and good quality. Highly recommend.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Suspender Buttons By Roger S. E I use these on my carpenter jeans with 1 1/2 inch work suspenders. They're easy to apply, and work out really well for me. Also, the price at Hank's is about half as much as other retailers.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Works Great & Great Value By Laurie I bought 5 sets of these no-sew suspender buttons and they're working out very well. Easy to attach. You just need to measure for even placement, and then use a hammer to attach each one. I'm attaching these to heavy denim and needed to use a knife to start the hole, rather than just being able to hammer the pieces together. Still just takes me about 10 minutes per set.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Suspender Buttons By Tom B Great product, price & service
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Good product-Carhartt items By
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Good product-Carhartt items By francis c Excellent transaction --good products, good prices and excellent communications. I'll be back
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 suspender buttons By Glenmore H Got three sets intend to get more they don't get any easier to install. I'm a husky guy and they work great. No more belts for me. Intend to order more to have on hand. Thanks
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 suspender buttons By Terry S Buy these by the bunches and save bucks- Good heavy duty and best price I have found except where you get lucky at a garage sale or swap meet. I put these on all my pants --yes on my sunday ones and shortpants . Only ones I don't is on my overhauls duh. If I wore undies I just might do them too. haha. fast shipper. The night was dark,.. too dark as I waited for the big one to bite....In the secure knowledge my pants weren't going to fall down when I gave my pole an upward thrust and hooked the hog deep in his upper jaw... Terry S. from Coquille Oregon-- local denizen.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 suspender buttons By David V quick and EZ to install. Works like described. Completly satisified and Will buy more.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Suspender buttons By William R I looked all over the internet to try and find out whether the buttons went on the inside or outside. I could not find where to place them between pant belt loops. This video was a wonderful find... thanks for making something appear simple and not complicated.
    Suspender Buttons 4.0 suspender buttons By wes b Easiest things i've used yet. Did 4 pairs of pants in the time it would have took to sew 1 pair.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Chippewa Wax Laces Brown By Rob Nice and strong. I ordered these for my work boots. Being waxed, these laces stay tied!
    Suspender Buttons 4.0 Suspender Buttons By Rob A nice, easy way to add suspender buttons to your jeans.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 CARHART Suspender Buttons By John S Great product! This is a fast, simple and permanent way to attach suspender buttons. The only thing better than this product is the excellent serviceof HANK'S. The shipping is instant and the follow-up excellent. I a very pleased to have found HANK'S and the suspender buttons.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Suspender Buttons By Diane B Buttons were very easy to attach as advertised, and my husband is very happy with them. My husband is the one who first saw your video, and he mentioned that the video is what sold him on purchasing these buttons. Very nice demonstration video!
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Easy Buttons By Erich These suspender buttons are amazingly easy to install. Be sure to watch Hank's video. They look great and work perfectly. Super low price - This is one case where you get more than you pay for!
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Suspender Buttons By Bruce D' Worked just as advertised. You cannot beat the price. I found Hanks easy to do business with.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 suspender buttons By Eric B Easy to install and very comfortable and secure. A quality product.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 easy for the thread and needle challenged By Xtian M Thanks to the instructional video posted on the site, assembling the buttons to a pair of Levi 501's was a breeze. They hold securely, and don't come apart in the wash For those challenged by the thread and needle, this product is for you.
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 suspender buttons By burt l order was processed and arrived quickly. no problems. buttons worked just fine
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 Carhartt Suspender Buttons By John P Received very promptly and work great!! Got them for work; using them on my jeans to attach braces. Much better than the detachable kind which would slip off every time I slid into the seat of a customers car to drive it into the shop. Picked up the idea from a contributor on Ask Andy About Clothes forum. Can't say I'd use them for dress trousers, but absolutely suburb with the jeans!!
    Suspender Buttons 5.0 suspender buttons By chris s very nice and easy to install