SuperLite Boots

SuperLite boots, the lightest weight 100% waterproof boot you will ever put on your feet.  One of a kind, these Superlite boots are designed around the foot, to support the foot all day, and to be comfortable in all weather conditions.

Naturally lightweight, buoyant, and very comfortable, Superlite Boots are molded to the shape of the foot caressing the heel and supporting the arch in a natural position.

Superlite boots are 100% waterproof to keep feet warm and dry in tough conditions. Our one-piece injected M.I.-Shell is self-insulating, waterproof,highly durable and acts as a 'neutral medium' between the foot and the elements. The inside of superlite boots is crisscrossed with small tunnels 360 degrees around the foot and leg, to allow air to circulate around the foot,cooling, and preventing a build up of sweat, that can leave you with colder feet. This patented AIR-TUNNEL 360 Technology is covered by three dimensional AIR-LINER fabric, which draws moisture from the foot and allows air to pass through constantly refreshing and comforting the foot.

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