Stuffitts Shoe Savers

Stuffitts Stuff Its STUFFITS that's right, the newest shoe absorber on the market today. Stuffitts shoe savers will absorb unwanted moisture and eliminate shoe odor.  Stuffitts are soft, foot-shaped forms that are inserted into each shoe after wearing. 

The Stuffits system uses 100% natural aromatic eastern red cedar inserts which wick moisture upon contact and a dual wick fabric shell exterior.  Stuffitts come with a convenient detachable carry-strap. 

Leaving shoes and boots wet between uses will erode the integrity of the shoes, causing mid-sole deterioration, and shortening the length of wear. 

Stuffitts shoe savers can be used in all types of shoes and boots (they work great in our Muck Boots,) and can be used again and again!! 

Say goodbye to wet feet and hello to Stuffitts Shoe Savers.

    Stuffitts STUFFBLK
    Double, even triple the life of your shoes with the Shoe Savers from Stuffitts!
      Stuffitts STUFFBLU
      Moisture and odor are a thing of the past with the amazing Shoe Savers from Stuffitts!
        Stuffitts STUFFRED
        Keep your kids shoes around longer when you use the new Shoe Savers from Stuffitts.

        How Do Stuffitts Work?

        • The heart of Stuffitts is a soft inner core filled with eastern red cedar.  The Cedar absorbs moisture immediately upon contact with shoes. Stuffitts Dry Shoes and Boots


        • Stuffitts inner core is surrounded by a patented dual-wick fabric technology that comprses a soft outer fabric shell and highly absorbent foam toecap. The shell rapidly wicks moisture from the shoe into the cedar-filled inner core leaving your shoe and boots odor free and most importantly DRY!
        • Keeping moisture out of shoes means protecting mid-soles from deterioration and odor shoes and work boots will last longer and smell better! 
        • Also, eliminating moisture means eliminating bacteria responsible for causing foot disease, fungus, and odor caused by these bacteria.

        Independent lab testing has shown that Stuffitts remove over 60% of moisture from footwear after only 1 hour!!  This means Stuffitts absorb moisture at a rate of 8 times faster than air-drying alone.  And after 24 hours, Stuffitts Shoe Savers eliminate more than twice as much moisture out of shoes as air-drying!  Why wear wet shoes when you can use STUFFITTS!



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