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Mechanics Belt - USA Made Scratchless Belt

Mechanics Belt - USA Made Scratchless Belt
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Scratchless Belt
Scratchless Belt
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Mechanics Belt - USA Made Scratchless Belt

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Style #: 65301

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Mechanics belts are ideal for mechanics or anyone performing a job that requires close contact with scratchable surfaces. This USA Made belt has no buckle and is the perfect addition to any wardrobe. The handy hook & loop closure fastens easily and securely with a perfect fit every time. No getting caught between holes like can happen on standard size belts.

 We have found that these belts are not just beneficial to mechanics, but are useful for anyone looking for a non-metallic or for those with occupational difficulties. It is a smart looking, multi-faceted belt useful to many.

  • 1 1/2" Width
  • USA Made
  • Genuine Full Grain Leather. One piece solid leather construction. No bonding or filling. Top quaility.
  • This belt won't scratch fine woodwork or cabinetry.
  • This belt won't damage painted surfaces.
  • Perfect Mechanics Belt. Won't scratch the finish on vehicles.
  • Perfect belt for playing musical instruments. This belt won't scratch the back of your fine Guitar.
  • Perfect fit belt infinitely adjustable. No getting caught between holes.
  • Airport and Security friendly. This belt won't set off metal detectors.
  • No buckle to dig into your belly.
  • Non-Allergic Belt. No buckle is great for those that develop rashes from belt buckles.
  • Non-Magnetic Belt.
  • This belt releases quick for hazardous work environments.
  • Non-conductive belt for working around electricity or wiring.
  • Perfect belt for people with arthritis. Easy to fasten for arthritic people unlike traditional belts.

When you are looking for a USA made quality leather mechanics belt look no further than Enjoy free shipping as an extra perk.

When ordering belts we strongly suggest going up 1 size EX: If you wear a size 36 pant, then you will order a size 38 belt.

Mechanics Belt Scratchless - Brown
Style #: 65301BRN
Some call this a mechanincs belt, others a scratchless belt, there is no wrong answer.
$49.99 $39.99

  • 5.00 Global Rating: 5.00 from 13 reviews

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    Mechanics Belt - USA Made Scratchless Belt 5.0 2 belts By Gary Hileman Both belts appear to nice quality---time will tell.
    Mechanics Belt - USA Made Scratchless Belt 4.0 A good medium cost belt By William Peel I originally intended to use this belt with an inside the waistband holster for concealed carry. The Velcro closure appealed to me since it would allow infinite adjustment. Hank's Clothing was very helpful in answering questions and the belt arrived in a timely fashion. It wasn't quite the quality that I had hoped...the stitching on the belt seemed a little irregular. It is a good, thick belt, that fits well with jeans on other pants that will accept a 1.5 inch width readily. Be aware that this thickness makes passing the excess tongue length through your belt loops difficult. A 1.25 inch width would work much better. The wide range of adjustment offered by the Velcro is the strongest point and the lack of a buckle is good, especially if you're doing any kind of work where a buckle could scratch a surface. All things considered, I'm happy with this belt, though it is a little less than optimal for a concealed carry belt. (Hanks did counsel me that this would be the case but I thought that I would try anyway, since the Velcro closure was an attractive option.
    Mechanics Belt - USA Made Scratchless Belt 5.0 Piedmont John By John Belt is 1st class quality & exactly what I needed. Great for concealed carry.
    Mechanics Belt - USA Made Scratchless Belt 5.0 Electrical test engineer By Jim Corbett Use as PPE for arc flash, (don't want to wear metal) nice belts, velcro is good quality. I have worn one of these belts every day for a year or two and velcro still fastens very well. Good quality leather for wear and maintaining new appearance. Easy to use. Worth the money.
    Mechanics Belt - USA Made Scratchless Belt 4.0 mechanics belt (x2) By MJH Just as advertised. Great deal, quality for the price.
    Mechanics Belt - USA Made Scratchless Belt 5.0 wonderful/awesome By husband loves it
    Mechanics Belt - USA Made Scratchless Belt 5.0 Mechanic's belt By Jeff L Very well made. Exactly what I was looking for. Purchased one in black & brown.
    Mechanics Belt - USA Made Scratchless Belt 5.0 Great Belt! By Robert M Very high quality leather. The fastener has superior holding quality. The belt exceeded my expectations.
    Mechanics Belt - USA Made Scratchless Belt 5.0 Excellent Belt By
    Mechanics Belt - USA Made Scratchless Belt 5.0 Scatchless belt - mechanics belt By Joe F Excellent quality and addresses the issue of a metal belt buckle.
    Mechanics Belt - USA Made Scratchless Belt 5.0 Order By Douglas D The USA Made Mechanics Belt was a wonderful surprise as the quality is greater than anything I've seen in a long time! I also want to commend you all for the excellent service I received. I will most definitely be ordering from you site in the future!
    Mechanics Belt - USA Made Scratchless Belt 4.0 Belt By Dennie G. As advertised. Good quality-I like it and have worn it everyday since it arrived.
    Mechanics Belt - USA Made Scratchless Belt 5.0 scratchless belt By David i ordered this belt to wear while playing my new beautiful exotic wood guitar as my old belt with standard buckle has already left some marks. :( Not any more! :) i subsequently misplaced my old belt and therefore have also been wearing this buckle-less belt every day to work. It has been holding my pants up marvelously well for about two months now. no complaints. Thank you Hanks Clothing.