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Red Wing Non-Retail Packaged Insole...SALE
Red Wing Non-Retail Packaged Insole...SALE
Red Wing Insole Bottom and Top View
 Perforated toe area pumps air through for cooling effect
Soft yet supportive arch cushioning

Red Wing Comfort Force Cushioned Insoles

$9.99 to $12.50
Style #: 33457
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  • Feet hurt?

    Try these insoles and feel a world of difference.

    Red Wing's top of the line insole provides all day comfort and these insoles last like no other.

    ● Dual density Polymer for cushioning that doesn't go away
    ● Vented air ports for circulation
    ● Built in arch support for gentle, firm support
    ● Wicking layer on top helps keep feet dry
    ● Trim to fit

    These are a special purchase insole from Red Wing that were used in production. These insoles were used in the manufacturing of shoes so there is no retail packaging. They are the same great insole at up to 45% off! For these same insoles in retail packaging at the $18.95 price go here:


    A great insole at a great price for all day comfort. USA Made.

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