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  • 1. How does the Free Shipping and Returns Work?

    Most all Clothing & Footwear items will ship with Free Shipping and are eligible for Free Return Shipping. Our goal is to make it simple and easy to purchase and return items. With Free Shipping and returns it's one less hidden cost you have to worry about. All the employees here at Hanks love Free Shipping when we order something online so we are raising the bar and offering what we ourselves would love when we shop online plus going one step further with Free Returns! Our thoughts here are, "Why charge our customers for something we don't like to get charged for ourselves?"

  • 2. How do I return an item and get the Free Return Shipping?

    It's simple. Inside every order that is eligible for Free Return Shipping is a Pre-Paid return label for UPS. On the top is our toll Free Number. Just call us for an RA# and write it in the space on the label. Hand it to a UPS driver or take to a UPS pickup location and the item is on the way back to us at no cost to you! You can read all about this here on our Returns and Exchanges page. An RA number is required for Free Return shipping and if you send a package back without one our computer will step in and not take the shipping off. That computer is stubborn on some things and this is one of them. So make sure you call for an RA#.

  • 3. How do I choose the Free Shipping Option?

    Once you add your items to the cart look for the field labeled "Ship to Zip/Postal Code" and enter your zip code and hit enter. The cart will refresh after a few seconds and the "Standard Ground Shipping USA Only" option should be selected already with $0.00 as the cost. That's it! If it doesn't show $0.00 as the cost you may have an item that isn't eligible for Free Shipping in the cart.

  • 4. I have a PO Box. Can I get the Free Shipping Option?

    Well yes and no. To be eligible for Free Shipping you need to supply your PO Box address in the billing address field. In the ship to address field you then need to put your physical address. You do need to make sure that your physical address is deliverable from both UPS and USPS (Post Office). If those steps are followed you will be eligible for Free Shipping. If you have one of those darn addresses that UPS won't deliver to or the Postman won't deliver to, and shipping to the PO Box is the only option, then unfortunately you are not eligible for Free Shipping and you'll need to select the Priority Mail option in the cart and shipping charges may apply. If the PO Box is your only option we do recommend you call us and give us the order over the phone and sometimes we can offer Free Shipping depending on the item and location. You are eligible for Free Returns as you'll be using UPS to return the items so there is nor problem on Free Returns.

  • 5. I live in Alaska or Hawaii. Can I get Free Shipping and Returns?

    Boy we would just love to be able to offer this to our friends in Alaska and Hawaii but unfortunately we just haven't been able to figure out how to do this and still be able to pay our employees! They get upset when they don't get a paycheck :) It is something we are working on but we don't see a solution in the near future. So for the time being we do apologize but Free Shipping and Returns are not available to Alaska or Hawaii.

  • 6. What items aren't eligible for the Free Shipping Option?

    Most non-clothing items and accessories are not eligible for Free Shipping and Returns. Some examples are Shoelaces, Cements, and Boot Care products. Small orders of these items will have small shipping charges on them. However we have made it so that any order of $30 or more will have Free Shipping and Returns no matter what the item.

  • 7. My shipment is going outside of the United States. What do I do?

    For our neighbors outside of the US we regret that there is no Free Shipping or Returns due to the high cost of shipping internationally. For your orders you will need to select an International Shipping option.

  • 8. I need my order to ship a specific carrier like UPS only. What do I do?

    If you positively need your order to ship a specific carrier then unfortunately the Free Shipping is not available. To guarantee your order ships a specific carrier you can select those shipping options in the cart but shipping charges will apply then. You'll still receive the Free Returns though as your using the UPS Label we supply so that's not a problem.

  • 9. I want express Shipping. What do I do?

    Free Shipping is not available for Express shipping. We offer UPS Next Day, and Second Day but shipping charges will apply for express shipping due to the high cost of those shipping methods. You're order will still be able to be returned to us with Free Shipping as you'll be using our UPS Label.

  • 10. How long does it take to get my order?

    Not long at all! Orders arrive to you within 5-12 days anywhere in the US. Many items will arrive much faster. If you need something really quick we always recommend you call us Toll Free at 866-444-2657 and we'll see what we can do for you. For example if you live in NY or Vermont sometimes we can have stuff to you in 1-2 days.

  • 11. I've chosen Free Shipping but how will my order ship?

    Great question. Once your order comes into our system our computer processes the order and applies the fastest and most economical shipping method among our carriers. We use USPS (Post Office), or UPS. So it will come one of those 2 ways. Once your order ships you will receive an email with the shipping method and tracking number. If you do need a specific carrier see Question 8 above.

  • 12. What countries do you ship to?

    Once you add your items to the cart you'll see a Drop Down Selection box that says "Ship to Country". Those are the countries we currently ship to. If you do not see your country in the list we are not shipping there.

  • 13. I'm Shipping my items outside the US. How do I calculate postage?

    To calculate shipping to your country simply add the items to the cart. Once in the view cart screen select your country from the drop down list, enter your zip/postal code in the "Ship to Zip/Postal Code" field and hit tab (Note: If you hit enter it may take you to the last page you looked at. If this happens simply hit the View Cart Button on the top right of the screen). The cart will refresh in a few seconds showing the shipping cost and methods right below the "Ship to Zip/Postal Code" box. Make sure the zip code you enter in here is the zip code the package will ship to and not the billing zip code. Please note Shipping Charges do not include Duties and Taxes. You may be required to pay those to customs before you can take delivery of your package.

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