NEOS Soles

Neos Overshoes make  4 different soles for their overshoes, some are for lightweight and flexibility while others are to provide you with the utmost traction possible to reduce your chance of slipping on the ice or snow.overyourshoes.jpg

  1. The aggressive Ninja Sole was designed for traction in deep snow conditions.
    Toothy, crampon-like lugs, separated by deep crevasses dig into snow and give sound footing to our outdoor adventures.
    Vibram rubber guarantees lightness, longevity, and flexibility
    The Ninja Sole is featured on our Navigator 5  Overshoes which are insulated.

  2. Our most versatile sole ,Perma Sole
    The lugged profile and high grip material of the Perma provide plenty of full contact surface area and traction.
    Teamed with your favorite shoes, NEOS Perma soles are comfortable enough to wear all day and easy to clean when you get home.
    The perma sole is featured on our Adventurer Overshoe, the Neos Voyager Overshoe, the Explorer Insulated Overshoe, and our Neos Uptowner

  3. The one and only
    Stabilicers The unique design provides extreme traction in ice and snow with all the standard features of Neos Overshoes
    STABILicers use 32 replaceable cleats per pair which are embedded in the sole to help maintain traction in the worst winter conditions and helps lower the risk for slips and falls.
    Comfortable for wearing for long periods at a time,STABILicers are a smart solution for warmth and traction control.
    The STABILicer is featured on our Voyager STABILicer, NEOS STABILicer Explorer, and our Navigator STABILicer

  4. Our Superlite Sole is the lightest weight sole out there and extremely flexible
    The lightest and most flexible outsole we have ever made.
    Low profile design and lightweight construction make this sole perfect for commuting or active outdoor sports like snowshoeing and even winter running.
    The Superlite Sole is featured on these styles the Villager Overshoe, and the NEOS Trekker

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