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Every employee here at has a pair of Muck Boots.  Now myself, I have 5 pairs, but they are all for different activities and I LOVE Boots... that's a whole new story.... but I honestly can not say enough about my Muck Boots.

If you're looking for Muck Boot Reviews please feel free to read on and see what our customers have to say about their shoes and boots they have purchased. 

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I bought 3 pairs of Muck Arctic Sports for Christmas Presents. A pair for my son, mom and dad. I bought Muck Boots last year for my wife and two of my sons. They wear them everyday doing chores. They love them. My parents say they are the most comfotable boot they have worn. ... Darren H

This is by far the best pair of boots I've ever owned. I wear them to do chores in the barn. It usually takes me about 40 minutes to get the horses fed, watered and turned out in the morning. My feet never get cold. I'm amazed! ..... Carla F -- Shelbyville,MI


I noticed the quality of this boot the first time I tried them on. They felt broke-in. Like your favorite pair of shoes. The traction is far superior to the off the shelf brands I used to get. They are much warmer, without making my feet sweat. Hanks was great to work with. Good communication.  ........ E G ... Council Bluffs IA


Bought myself, father, nephew and friend a pair and everyone say's they are absolutely the best pair of boots they have ever owned. You can't go wrong with these boots. We have been having an unusually cold winter with temps in the single digits and chill factor -5 to -10 and with a pair of coolmax liners and medium merino wool sock's they are the bomb. My father is 78 and he thinks he is in heaven, the only boots he has ever owned that keep his feet warm. Hank's also has the best prices I have found anywhere..... Les .....Senatobia MS

After my son ordered four pairs of these boots for Christmas 2009 I was so impressed with the boots I ordered a pair for myself. The soft texture of the uppers makes wearing this boot very comfortable. In the harsh winter conditions of Canada my feet stay warm and dry. Being a diabetic with poor circulation in my feet, these are the best boots I have found for not only walking through deep snow but also for enjoying a winter-time ATV ride. I also plan to use them next fall during hunting season sitting in my tree stand where I'm sure they will perform exactly as expected. Ordering from Hanks was a breeze- everything from customer service to final shipping was A-1. I have already recommened Hanks and these boots to many of my aquaitnances and friends and will continue to do so.......Dale Hudson .... Harvey Station NB Canada


I broke them in during a snow storm we had and I have to say these boots were awesome.
My feet did not sweat, they did not get wet and they were warm. They are actually the best pair of outdoor boots I know own.
I will recommend them to anyone.   ...... Rick Kratzke from Whitetail Woods -------- Picture to the right ...... thanks Rick!!!

Our search for the best built, most comfortable insulated rubber boot has ended. Purchased a pair of these for both my wife & I. Outstanding quality & fit. A rarity nowadays. Extended continuous wear times in the range of 10 - 12 hrs in 42 to 48 degree temps in mud and water does not phase these boots. Feet were kept dry and comfortable. Joe S.... Anahuac Texas


Wife got the regular Muck Boots, and swore by them, so she got the CHORE boots for me for Christmas. They really DO work GREAT! big lug tread, easy to kick off, WARM and DRY ! Definitely get these if you're ever in "slop". Even taking these to snow country. Just totally worth it, save your real boots for DRY stuff, use these! ..... Brad S... New Caney, NE



Whether I cake them in mud, powder them in cement dust, or stand in dirty, standing water for hours on end, all it takes is a quick trip under the hose and my Mucks are as good as new. Even after all of this abuse, they still look like brand new boots. It’s going to be a lot of fun trying to wear them out! ... Shadra.... Finger Lakes Region.... New York  ------- Picture to the left...... thanks Shadra!!



These are just a few of the reviews our valued customers have left us, to see all of our Muck Boot Reviews please look at the different boots, each boot has its own set of reviews!



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