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The Kamik Boots Company has been around for over 100 years making fashionable footwear that is made for the outdoors and keeps the environment in mind at their plants in Quebec and in materials for their footwear. 

Here at Hanksclothing.com we LOVE the outdoors and the people who work in it.  Kamik boots are designed just for that..... the idea of protecting the world we live, work and play in makes perfect sence. 

At the Kamik Factory in Quebec they are strongly committed to protecting the environment. Here are some specific processes they put in place over 20 years ago to do their part in saving the environment.

  • Kamik makes over 2 million 100% recycled boots per year
  • The boot liners are manufactured using recycled polyester and polypropylene fibers
  • EVERY product made at the injection molding plants in Montreal and New Hampshire are 100% recyclable
  • Kamiks injection molding plants use hydro-generated power to run their machines.  No fossil fuels are ised. 
  • The machines are cooled with recycled water.  A cooling tower on the roof of Kamik's plant has a closed-loop distribution system where the water is collected, distributed, and recycled and then reused!  AMAZING!
  • Oil used in the hydraulic pumps is filtered, recuperated and reused.
  • Boot scraps are collects and reused. 
  • Nothing goes to waste

Here at Hanksclothing we highly value companies like Kamik and love to work together with them to help save the environment.

A made-in-North America family tradition

At Kamik, they are just not about respecting your feet.  They are all about helping out the planet.

Fun KAMIK Facts

  • Kamik is an Inuit word meaning "foot covering"
  • Kamik is owned by Genfoot, a Canadian manufacturer of foot wear since 1898
  • Kamik is truely a family - run company  William Cook acquired the Contrecpeur plant in 1932 and today, William's grandchildren run the company as a team. 
  • There are 3 manufacturing plants for the Kamik company, they are located in Montreal, Ouebec... Hamburg, Ontario.... and Littleton New Hampshire.
  • 2 of these above mentioned plants are in historic facilities, starting production in 1898.
  • Genfoot launched the Kamik brand in 1975
  • GENFOOT PRECISION MOLDING, the foundation for our production, is a state-of-the-art injection molding process
  • Genfot is 1 of the worlds largest footwear producers using injection molding.

So take a leap and try the best environmental friendly boots we have ever come across..... if you have any  questions about Kamik boots,please call us toll free at 866-444-2657 and we can help you out with any Kamik questions you may have!




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