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Amish Belts USA Made Extra Heavy Duty
Amish Belts USA Made Extra Heavy Duty
Amish Belts Screwed Together Construction and Extra Heavy Duty Roller Buckle

Hanks Amish Belt CCW - 1.5 In - The Gunner

Reg Price: $44.99 Now: $34.99(Big & Talls: $41.99)
Style #: A2495

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  • Extra Chicago Screws For Buckle
  • Our best selling Amish belt ever, can you tell by how many reviews this has?

    The Hanks Amish belt, known by many as the Gunner, is the toughest belt we have ever found, and believe us we have looked everywhere!

    This CCW belt is 1 1/2" Wide and made out of  Extra Heavy leather, the best part is it is made right here in the USA.

    Our Hanks Amish belts have been featured in magazines, on numerous blogs, and will be the talk amongst your friends once you try one of these out.

    When you want an extra heavy ultra tough belt, a USA made belt, you just can`t beat these.
    Nothing fancy but the toughest belt we have ever sold.

    • 1 1/2" width fits thru most all belt loops
    • Extra thick 100% Full Grain Leather last for years
    • Buckle can be replaced with your own
    • Screwed together
    • Ships discreetly with no mention of CCW on package

    FIT TIP ---- Click on the "Perfect Fit Instructions" Tab above for instructions on how to get a perfect fit the first time.

    Many of our customers purchase this belt as a CCW Belt .... a tough rugged belt 
    Customers call this the

    • "Best Concealed Carrier they have ever purchased" 
    • "Great for concealed carry! " 
    • "An excellent all around work belt Thanks!! "

    Rugged, tough, and long lasting. This belt won't let you or
    your pants down.
    USA Made Belt


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