Carhartt Arctic Clothing

Carhartt, once again, is keeping up its reputation of serving its customers with the best work apparel on the market. If you get cold in these, get back inside!!  Carhartt Arctic Jacket, Coats, and Vests, are the warmest in the Carhartt Line. 
The Carhartt Arctic Jacket, is made to sit on your waist and will not get in the way of your Carhartt Tool Belts and Nail Aprons, the Arctic weight lining keeps you warm in the coldest of winter. 
The Carhartt Arctic Coat, now available in Black and Carhartt Brown is the warmest there is.  A longer style, it provides the maximum in warmth with two hand warmer pockets, two chest pockets and a drawstring waist. 
Our Carhartt Arctic Vests will keep the cold out and the warmth in.  Year after year our most popular Carhartt Vest. With two different finishes the Rigid, available in Carhartt Brown and Black ,which is made from the same material as the Carhartt Arctic Coat and Jacket, or Sandstone available in Midnight and Dark Brown, which is just a little softer finish.

Free Shipping c26blk-th.jpg
  • Carhartt Brown
  • Black
  • Dark Brown
  • Midnight
  • Moss
Carhartt C26
$130.00 $109.99
Free Shipping c003blk-th.jpg
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Navy
Carhartt C003
$125.00 $99.99
Free Shipping j001blk-th.jpg
  • Black
  • Brown
Carhartt J001
$75.00 $61.99
Free Shipping j002blk-th.jpg
  • Black
  • Brown
Carhartt J002
$100.00 $84.99
Free Shipping r03blk-th.jpg
  • Black
  • Brown
Carhartt R03
$112.99 $99.99
Free Shipping v01blk-th.jpg
  • Blaze Orange
  • Black
  • Brown
Carhartt V01
$64.00 $54.99
Free Shipping x06blk-th.jpg
  • Black
Carhartt X06
$200.00 $159.99
Free Shipping c55blk-th.jpg
  • Black
Carhartt C55
$135.00 $119.99
Free Shipping j133blk-th.jpg
  • Black
Carhartt J133
$110.00 $94.99
Free Shipping 100783-410-th.jpg
  • Dark Navy
carhartt 100783
$530.00 $498.99
Free Shipping 100784-410-th.jpg
  • Dark Navy
Carhartt 100784
$425.00 $398.99


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