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Celebrate Mom This Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day

This Sunday, we celebrate moms all over the world. We shower them with gifts and flowers. All though buying for the women in your life can be quite complicated. Celebrate Mom This Mother’s Day with some great shopping from Hanks Clothing. [Read more →]

Wool Blanket vs Sleeping Bag

Wool Blanket

Wool Blanket

While Camping this past Memorial Weekend at Stoney Brook Campground in Dansville, NY I really wished I had a Wool blanket instead of a sleeping bag with me. I learned the benefits of a wool blanket vs sleeping bag that dreadful, cold night. Let me tell you why! I decided to leave our warm fire and hit the hay. I was feeling tired after hiking all day in my Woolx,  so I walked a few steps to my tent and hopped on my air mattress (which by the way was a twin because my husband packed the wrong one). Anyway, no sooner then I fell asleep in my sleeping bag, my eyes popped opened. The freezing temperatures had woken me up. At that very moment, I wished I had a Wool Blanket! [Read more →]