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Last Minute Summer Road Trips

Summer is coming to an end soon. With the gas prices dropping families are planning last minute get away before school starts. You do not need to go far to enjoy some last minute summer road trips. [Read more →]

Summer Activities To Keep You Busy

Summer Time

Summer Time

Summer is here, the days are longer and you seem to have more time for fun. There is a lot of summer activities to keep you busy. Go out and explore, find a hobby or two, or just keep active. [Read more →]

Summer is nearing the end….

It’s hard to believe that summer will be nearing the end soon. It seems as you age summers get shorter, and the long, cold  winter will be approaching faster than you’d like. So with that in mind, have you gotten to all those summer activities that you said you wanted to enjoy this year? It’s not too late to get some last minute vacations, road trips, or even summer projects done. [Read more →]

Traditional Barbeque Dishes

It’s mid-July and summer is in full swing, and nothing says summer like traditional barbecue dishes.  Who doesn’t like a good barbecue?  It’s nice to relax on the weekend after a long work week. Take off your work wear, slip into some comfy shoes and get grilling. [Read more →]