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5 Tips For Comfortable Steel Toe Boots

Carolina Steel Toe Loggers

Carolina Steel Toe Loggers

When it comes to wearing steel toe boots or shoes you don't have to sacrifice comfort for the sake of safety. By following these 5 tips you can have steel toe protection and all day comfort in one. Continue reading after the jump….. [Read more →]

Steel Toe Boots Can Sever or Amputate Your Toes So Your Safer Without Them. Fact or Myth?

I saw a search in our blog today for this and over the last 28 years of selling boots I hear this as the number one excuse for guys or girls that just don’t want to wear steel toe boots. I have one word for this myth:


I have heard so many people who know a friend, who’s friend’s brothers, first cousin twice removed, lost his toes because of steel toe boots but no one has ever been able to actually produce the person, let alone any documentation, this happened to. Now I am sure it may have. Just like there is probably someone who would have lived if they didn’t have their seatbelt on, or someone who smoked 4 packs of Pall Mall straights everyday and lived to be 101. In reality you have a better chance of winning the lottery though. I hear of lottery winners in the news everyday but I can’t remember the last news story of someone who smoked 4 packs a day and just celebrated their 90th birthday.

The end result is your feet are always safer in steel toe boots than without by miles and miles. We’ve all stubbed our toe on the coffee table and it can bring tears to your eyes sometimes. Just imagine  if bumping your toe causes that much pain, how much would it hurt if you dropped a 20 lb block of wood on it?  If I had a 30 lb anvil and you had to have it dropped on your toes and I gave you three choices for your feet:

1. Barefoot 2.Regular work boots no steel toe 3. ANSI Approved Steel Toe Work Boots or shoes
which would you choose? That’s what I thought.

Adam and Jamie of the Mythbusters actually covered this one very well and the myth was totally busted. This was Mythbusters episode 42.  Their final result:

Mythbusted: They had to mount a blade in order to get amputation with the steel toe boot and all their other tests showed much more damage to the foot when regular boots are used.

I found a nice Annotated version of this episode here. I also posted it in full after the jump in case the link breaks. If after reading this you still think this myth is true then I say let you do what you want. Don’t wear safety shoes if you think you are safer without them with one condition… if you get hurt and can’t work and you opted out of wearing safety shoes then no disability, no workers comp, your on your own with the hospital bills, and you pay your employer for the cost of replacing you. I’m sure to catch some flack for this but wear your safety shoes and forget this stupid myth. If you believe this you probably believe the hook on the door handle story.

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Read the full episode annotation after the jump…

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How to buy comfortable Steel Toe Boots that won’t hurt your feet.


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