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Safety Glasses with built in magnifier Bi-Focal Lenses


If you wear bifocals you know how hard it can be to read rulers and writing when you need to wear safety glasses. These ANSI approved safety glasses with built in bi-focal lenses get the job done and may save you hundreds of dollars over prescription safety glasses if all you need is readers. They come in 3 magnifications…1.5, 2.0, and 2.5. One is sure to get the job done. Stop struggling to read tape measures, blueprints, and plans when wearing safety glasses. Plus these are priced great and won’t break the bank. Buy a couple pair to have an extra set on hand. Click here to check these out on hanksclothing.com

Hanks Clothing

Safety Glasses, ANSI Approved, by Edge at Hanks Clothing

Edge Safety GlassesHanks carries a great selection of stylish Edge ANSI approved Safety Glasses. These glasses offer superior eye protection as well as stylish good looks. No longer do safety glasses have to be ugly.

Featuring many high tech lenses from Anti-Fog to Polarized  and Aqua Precision there is a safety glass for most anyone. Use them on the job, mountain biking, rafting, kayaking, and anywhere eye protection is a must have.

So head on over to www.hanksclothing.com today and check out all the stylish Edge Safety Glasses today.