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Spring Into Your Home Projects

Spring times mean spring cleaning to many. It’s a great time of year to do some well needed things around the house. Inside and Outside. Grab the hammer or paint brush and your favorite work jean paired a work boot and spring into your home projects. [Read more →]

Get out there and garden!

Garden Box

Garden Box

Recently I visited a friend of mine who has an astonishing garden. She’s got every vegetable and herb known to man! She took me on a little tour around the garden, I got to taste and smell everything. I’ve always wanted to grow my own produce but was too afraid. I was scared I would kill everything I planted. My friend reassured me that its quite easy and rewarding. I’m going to Get Out There and Garden! [Read more →]

The Right Fishing Attire

Fishing Apparel

Fishing Apparel


I Go Fishing Not To Find Myself But To Lose Myself – Joesph Monniger. Fishing is a sport and a hobby that lets one escape reality. But like any other sport the right attire and gear are essential. Every man or woman needs the Right Fishing Attire to make their fishing experience a great one. You won’t be fishing out bad quality fishing apparel here at Hanks.

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Muck Boots Made my Deer Hunting Season Better

View From The Stand

View From The Stand

Shortly before deer hunting season last year I was in the market for some new waterproof and warm hunting boots. I started asking friends and co workers what they would recommend, some said go the cheap route and others suggested I should go all out and get the most expensive boots around.
There was one response that stuck in my head. One of my coworkers said to me don’t try on any Muck Boots unless you are willing to purchase them. Then he said if you are going to try them on make sure you try on [Read more →]

Northerner Boots & Muck Boots Featured in Grit Article

USA Made Northerner Boots

, a 125 year old publication that focuses on rural life, recently ran an article entitled “Grit’s guide to rain gear“. The author described his love of Northerner rubber boots and also mentioned Muck  Boots. You can read the article here on their website.  Northerner Rubber boots are the last American Made rubber boot in the US. In case the link to the article gets broken I have posted the article after the jump and you can read it in full. Thanks for taking a look!

Hanks Clothing

Read full article after the jump… [