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Can I pack this for my flight?




The day has arrived for your long awaited Trip. You grab your luggage and dash to the Airport just to find a huge line at security. The line stretches half a mile filled with unorganized passengers. Many throwing away liquids or creams they thought would travel with them. They never asked themselves, “Can I pack this for my Flight”? [Read more →]

The Difference Between Good Luggage and Bad Luggage



Recently Hanks has added two new luggage  lines to compliment the ever popular Filson brand of luggage…Barbour and JW Hulme.   Do you know what makes a good piece of luggage or what type of luggage to choose for different occasions or trips? Here are a couple thoughts.

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Filson Small Duffle Bag USA Made…the perfect travel size.

Filson USA Made Duffle Bag

When you want a rugged duffle bag that will take all the miles you can throw at it look no further than Filson's USA Made Small duffle bag. This is the perfect size, and although it does come in a few other sizes, if you need something for a weekend trip this will do the trick. Read more after the jump….

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What’s a Dopp Kit? The Filson Travel Kit is a perfect example.

From the I never knew this file of my mind comes this little snippet of education. I always loved the Filson travel kit (also available in Tan) as it reminded me of the one my Father always touted around but never knew they were also called a Dopp kit until I stumbled across this great article. Read it here and also after the jump if the link is broke. Pretty interesting I thought.
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