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Graduation Gift Ideas



June is Graduation Month. Whether it’s from high school or college, graduation is a exciting part of life. Many celebrate with parties or gatherings at their favorites places. While visiting local wineries in Ithaca, NY this past weekend, my spouse and I encountered many groups that were celebrating their graduation from the local college. Do you ever wonder what’s a good gift for the graduate? Don’t feel like giving cash in a card? Hanks has some wonderful graduation gift ideas to send your favorite graduate off in style!. [Read more →]

The Difference Between Good Luggage and Bad Luggage



Recently Hanks has added two new luggage  lines to compliment the ever popular Filson brand of luggage…Barbour and JW Hulme.   Do you know what makes a good piece of luggage or what type of luggage to choose for different occasions or trips? Here are a couple thoughts.

[