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Back To School Shopping

Back To School

Back To School

August is the month when mothers and fathers start flocking to the stores for back to school shopping.  Shopping for school supplies, as well as school clothes. They’re going from store to store to find the best deals, or that impossible-to-find of school supply requested by the teacher. I speak from experience by the way. Searching for that perfect 5 subject notebook in yellow last year was a blast. [Read more →]

Levi’s Ad Campaign Uses Braddock, Pa residents. Promise 1 Million Dollars to Renovate the Community Center.

Levi's Ad Campaign

Just found another nice article about a company giving back to the community. Levi’s, the iconic jean manufacture, has pledged 1 Million dollars to Braddock , Pa. The community shrunk from an estimated population of 30,000 to around 3,000. The towns largest employer, UPMC Braddock Hospital, closed on Jan 31st, 2010.  As the article stated: “Levi’s may be one of the few companies out there really “making a difference”. On the way, they may even end up doing more for the town than several presidents and good intentions have been able to accomplish for decades.”. You can read the article here. You can also read the article after the jump in case the link gets broken.

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