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Frostbite and Hypothermia



It’s January , The month of the dreaded low temperatures and -10 wind chills. If your occupation requires to work outside then you should be knowledgeable about frost bite and hypothermia. Staying warm and dry in the proper work clothes can prevent these dreaded winter medical emergencies. Many of today’s occupations are outside work. So on months like this in an arctic blast of severe temperatures it’s imperative to be protected. Hanks Clothing sells many varieties of warm safety wear as well as base layers.

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Hunting Gun Safety

shutterstock_140754364  First day of gun is this Saturday in Upstate NY, and many of our customers here at Hanks are avid hunters. For your own protection and that of your fellow hunters following proper Hunting Gun Safety procedures is a must while out in the woods. The more you know about safety the better prepared you’ll be to prevent careless mistakes and fatal injuries while out hunting. [Read more →]

Slip Into Comfort

Fleece Sock

As the temperatures drop people start to pull out their winter  jackets, gloves, and thermals. But something we tend to forget to pull out is the most important thing, a warm slipper! Your feet will thank you. After a hard days work give your feet a break and slip into comfort. [Read more →]

Fire Prevention Month

 Is your family prepared? Will your work attire stand up to the challenge of a fire? October is fire prevention month, so there’s no better time than this month to update your home, your escape route plan, and your safety apparel to keep you and your family safe from a fire. [Read more →]

The Importance Of A CCW Belt.

shutterstock_124919357    We at Hanks Clothing pride ourselves in our Amish CCW Belts.  Made in the USA with extra heavy leather measuring from a 1.25 inch up to a 1.75 inch width. With the up rise of people obtaining concealed carry licenses and carrying a weapon, the importance of a good ccw belt is without a doubt an important purchase. [Read more →]