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Should These Looks Have Come Back?

If you take a brief moment in your day you can certainly get a good laugh reminiscing about the styles you wore back when you were growing up. Some were great, others not so much. Often styles will reappear, but should these looks have come back? [Read more →]

Turn This Into That


So you come to realize you have a massive amount of stuff lying around the house. You have to decide whether to trash it, sell it or recycle it. ¬†Well I’m here to help you with a list of a few projects that are easy, fun and rewarding. Turn This Into That! We know you value your stuff especially if its from Hanks Clothing. But those boots have had it, or that belt doesn’t hold up anymore, perhaps your favorite flannel has holes in it. Turn your once beloved treasures into new exciting favorites once again. [Read more →]