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The Importance Of A CCW Belt.

shutterstock_124919357    We at Hanks Clothing pride ourselves in our Amish CCW Belts.  Made in the USA with extra heavy leather measuring from a 1.25 inch up to a 1.75 inch width. With the up rise of people obtaining concealed carry licenses and carrying a weapon, the importance of a good ccw belt is without a doubt an important purchase. [Read more →]

What are Chicago Screws?


Chicago screws are a type of screw that is commonly used to fasten belt buckles on to belts. These provide a much securer application than snaps while still allowing the buckle to be swapped out. Rivets provide a secure attachment of the buckle also but do not allow the buckle to be swapped out.


Amish Bely with Chicago Screws

Hanks uses them on several different belts most notably their USA Made Amish belts that have become popular with the CCW community.


Hanks does sell these screws by the 2 pack mainly as extras for their Amish belts. They are easy to lose when swapping out buckles so it never hurts to have an extra set on hand. They are availble in Nickle plated, Brass plated, and non-corrosive or rusting solid Brass.

Also known as Sex Bolts you can read a bit more about them on the Wikipedia page here.


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