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Beat The Heat With Cool Treats

Summer Heat

Summer Heat

The Summer heat is here! The heat effects pets differently then us. They get overheated quickly. It is recommended to shorten their walks on hot days or a night stroll instead. No car rides for our furry friends, the car overheats within minutes ,causing an alarming rate of careless deaths. We can help them keep cool by allowing swimming when available, shady areas, and keeping the house nice and cool. They can also beat the heat with cool treats. Here’s some great recipes for some diy treats that the dogs love! [Read more →]

Summer Activities To Keep You Busy

Summer Time

Summer Time

Summer is here, the days are longer and you seem to have more time for fun. There is a lot of summer activities to keep you busy. Go out and explore, find a hobby or two, or just keep active. [Read more →]

Common Foot Complaints

After a long hard day of work your feet or either throbbing or just plan tired. Several hard working individuals have common foot complaints. The pain can be eased with our variety of insoles we sell for all our work boots. [Read more →]

Understanding Traffic Laws

Traffic Laws

Warm weather brings out more people. Careless driving and many more accidents occur daily. Whether it’s distracted driving, drunk driving, or simply foolish driving, many can be prevented. Understanding traffic laws can reduce unnecessary traffic accidents or expensive tickets. [Read more →]

April Gardening


Spring Gardening

As soon as the awful snow melts, everyone eagerly awaits fresh green grass, colorful flowers, and warm sun. The sun is scarce here in Upstate, NY. You have to take advantage of it while you can. Often our Spring turns into Summer quite quickly. Let’s get our April Gardening ready! Get your tools and start digging. [Read more →]