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Quilted Thermals

0388blk-1_size0  Coming soon… an oldie but a goodie! Quilted by Woolx has re-created the old fashioned quilted thermals your grandfather always talks about, but with Woolx’s modern updates they are even better than ever! And here, at Hanks Clothing we are very excited to provide our customers the ability to purchase this popular thermal. Let’s take a look. [Read more →]

Importance Of A Camera Bag



Photographers have an important job of capturing that perfect moment. Their camera is their work, and they take great pride in their job. Many spend good money on a high quality camera that will do the job, and they want to protect their investment so they also purchase a great camera bag. I reached out to some friends of mine that are photographers and asked them what qualities they look for in a camera bag. These were their top must haves.

Functionality:  A camera bag should be well padded to protect delicate equipment. It should not only function as a camera bag, but as purse. It must hold all of your other items. The ona camera bags come in styles similar to handbags or totes. Equipped with custom inserts and pockets inside for all your business needs.

Size: A sleek design. Not a huge bulky bag to carry. Some prefer a one strap, and some prefer a two handle camera bag. The photographer does not want to have to get a dolly just to carry his camera equipment to a session. Neither do they want to have a huge imprint of a bag on their shoulders from carrying a suitcase. Some Ona bags come supplied with a side pocket for the photographer that likes to bring his laptop along.

Style: Color and a hint of feminism. Most photographers want a camera bag that doesn’t look like a camera bag. A Soft leather is the first choice, with canvas following close behind. Brown or Black leather is the most desired.  Ona camera bags come in different shades of grey, green, or a khaki. A soft, padded interior divided with compartments for the camera accessories is a must have.

That perfect picture is hard to come by. A moment you can’t get back. If the photographer isn’t equipped with proper gear you may end up disappointed. After all who wants a photographer fumbling around in their unorganized bag or tote trying to put together their camera. That smile doesn’t last forever, nor does the perfect sunset.

Reusable Shopping Bags From Chico Bags


These are a pretty neat alternative to plastic shopping bags. These reusable Chico Bags are rugged and durable and come in a range of colors and styles. They fold up into themselves creating an easy to carry package that fits in your purse with ease or hooks right to your pants or belt with the attached quick hook.


Reduce waste and clutter and add some style to your shopping today! The neatest little reusable shopping bags we’ve seen!

Hanks Clothing

Safety Glasses with built in magnifier Bi-Focal Lenses


If you wear bifocals you know how hard it can be to read rulers and writing when you need to wear safety glasses. These ANSI approved safety glasses with built in bi-focal lenses get the job done and may save you hundreds of dollars over prescription safety glasses if all you need is readers. They come in 3 magnifications…1.5, 2.0, and 2.5. One is sure to get the job done. Stop struggling to read tape measures, blueprints, and plans when wearing safety glasses. Plus these are priced great and won’t break the bank. Buy a couple pair to have an extra set on hand. Click here to check these out on hanksclothing.com

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Sleeveless Safety Lime T-Shirts…Hard to find item

Safety Lime Sleeveless T's

We searched high and low just couldn’t find these from any of our suppliers. Finally we gave up and had them made for us. So just in time for Summer Hanks has 50/50 Poly Cotton blend 6.5 oz fabric Sleeveless Safety Lime t-shirts in stock and ready to ship. These are a seasonal item and will only be available in the summer months so grab some before they are sold out for the season. Perfect weight for the summer! Be cool and comfortable!