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Favorite Reviews

We have a fair amount of reviews on our website that customers leave and some stand out from the crowd and just make us chuckle. I decided to start a favorite reviews section and to start it off here is one on our Codet Quilted Thermal Underwear that brought a smile to my face. Read the review below the picture. Please note on customer reviews we leave them unedited. Spelling and grammar errors are the way the customer typed them.


Happy Tom W. Covina So US
I bought a thermal undershirt from sears in the ’60s, and used it for years until it flat wore out…
Trying to find a replacement has been a lession in futility… It would have been easier to solve nuclear fusion!
I tried everywhere, with no sucess, until I stumbled upon Hanks Clothing while dabbling with the internet.
To my amazement, they had one listed in their catalog, but to my chagrin, they were out of stock!
They were kind enough to offer to take my name and notify me if one was returned, as they wouldn’t be re-ordering until I was too old to remember why I wanted one in the first place!
I did save the page in my favorites, and by chance, re-checked recently and, guess what—They had one in stock, which just happened to be my size! I thought I must be dreaming, and at somewhere near the speed of light, I clicked on the “add to cart” feature, and was blessed by the fact that it was on sale, and the shipping was FREE!
What really blew me away was that it appeared at my door from clean across the country in TWO DAYS!
I haven’t been this happy since my mother in law fell in the hog pen and got ate up!
Thanks guys!!