Dangerous Jobs Call For The Right Boot

Carhartt Safety Boot

Many jobs are full of risks and danger. Many requiring proper protection from head to toe. Depending on which career you choose in life, we can help you choose which work boot is the best for that job. Dangerous jobs call for the right boot.

Construction workers have a rough, risky job. They face dangers along the roadways, and dangers with falling objects. Having the right boot can prevent injuries. For most construction jobs a well made steel toed boot will work perfectly. Light fabric steel toe for warmer months, an a heavier warmer steel toe for winter months.

Carhartt provides you with the 8 inch work boot safety toe. Oil, chemical and slip resistant. OrthoLite insoles and padded collars, OrthoLite Comfort Tongue. Work in various weather conditions and know your feet will stay dry as well as remain comfortable all day.

Construction work has you freezing your tail off some days before the season ends. Carhartt makes an insulated steel toe safety boot. Steel toe, water proof, and an insulation of 400 grams. This boot will keep your feet warm so they can work hard for you all day.

Carhartt Work Boot

Farm workers have a dangerous job. More accidents occur on a farm every year due to faulty equipment, or animal injury. Not to mention the mess. Farmers risk losing body parts from machinery, however with a proper boot covering their feet they can concentrate on their hands more.

Muck boots have a boot made just for this type of work. The steel toe chore work boot. Light, waterproof ,insulated, and steel toe all in one. SAFE-TOE steel toe caps to protect against the threat of accidental toe injury from tools or machinery.

Muck Boot

Working on the pipeline or gas drilling is another dangerous job. At any given moment tragedy can occur. You need to have a steady stance and keep your feet on the ground when drilling. Carolina makes a boot just for this job. The Carolina gas drilling insulated boot. Electrical hazard rated with an heavy duty rubber outsole. Paired with a composite safety toe cap.

Whichever job you choose or are already actively involved choose a boot that works with you. A boot that keeps you safe. For many more choices in work boots check out hanksclothing.com. You’re sure to find what you’re looking for.












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