Make Carhartt Your Plus One For Summer Weddings

Summer Wedding

Summer Wedding

Many either have had a wedding in the summer or have attended one. Summer is a popular month for tying the knot. 5 star, beach side, or casual rules have changed on the apparel you can get away with. Make Carhartt your plus one for summer weddings.

Look classy but feel comfortable and casual. With selections from Carhartt, You will have no problem fitting in with all the other guests in the wedding attire. Here’s a look at a few selections.

Perhaps the wedding your attending happens to be one that has a very long ceremony. You will wish you had one comfortable,breathable pants. Carhartt can provide you with that. The Carhartt Rugged Work Khaki Pant. Made for work but can also be worn as a stylish khaki pant. 100 percent cotton-ring peached twill. Available in three colors of khaki, so will be easy to pair with a button up shirt.

The Carhartt Canvas Work Dungaree  can easily be pulled off for a dress pant. Made of cotton canvas. You will be dancing freely in this work dungaree. Pair with a dress shoe or boot and a polo and you will fit right in. A bonus is also having the pant for work as well. No need to store in the closet until the next special occasion in your life. This pant is great for any event.

Carhartt B151 Canvas Work Dungaree

Pair your pant with the Carhartt 4 inch slip on. Easy to glide your foot into and no hassle of laces. Dark brown oil tanned leather. An awesome steel toe boot that looks classy, and could be worn for an variety of different occasions. The great thing about these Carhartt boots is that they offer you the confidence of Carhartt durability but ratchet up the style factor to give you amazing versatility.

Carhartt 4 inch-slip on

Work wear has come along way in the looks department. Put on for a hard days work or attend a special wedding. Make sure you check out our other Carhartt merchandise to complete the look at hanksclothing .com.





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