Beat The Heat With Cool Treats

Summer Heat

Summer Heat

The Summer heat is here! The heat effects pets differently then us. They get overheated quickly. It is recommended to shorten their walks on hot days or a night stroll instead. No car rides for our furry friends, the car overheats within minutes ,causing an alarming rate of careless deaths. We can help them keep cool by allowing swimming when available, shady areas, and keeping the house nice and cool. They can also beat the heat with cool treats. Here’s some great recipes for some diy treats that the dogs love!

A real cheap idea is ice cubes. Water is free, and most dogs love ice cubes as treats. Better yet, it helps them really cool down. You can make alittle more interesting and put some treats inside the ice cube before freezing, or freeze chicken broth.

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Frozen Treats

Mash two ripe bananas and mix with four tablespoons of low-fat Greek yogurt and a few sprigs of chopped parsley or peppermint to aid digestion and promote fresh breath. Freeze and serve as a treat when caught being good.

Break out the veggies! Frozen green beans or carrots are not only a healthy treat but a great way to cool off. Relativity low cost treats. Pets also love cooked up sweet potatoes.

Make your own frosty paws. Dogs love to lick away on ice cream. With many recipes for frozen treats such as, peanut butter mixed with yogurt, or yogurt and pumpkin. Top it off with a milk bone for an added bonus.

Make popcicles for your dog to eat on REALLY hot days by blending together banana, peanut butter, and yogurt.  Pour it into dixie cups and stick a dog biscuit into it.  Freeze them and peel away the cup when you're ready to give one to your dog.

Dixie Cups Full Of Delicious Treat

Coconut oil, and coconut water mixed together then frozen makes a delicious tropical treat that they will do extra treats for. An easy way to freeze the treats is in Dixie cups. Make a pupsicle by sticking a chewy stick in the middle as a stick.

Summer can be fun for all the outdoor activities, but brutal for a dogs health. With high temperatures in July and August take extra precautions to help ensure a happy dog. Looking for more great treat recipes, check out our Pinterest page called dogalicious. Your dog will thank you! Woof!




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