Out With The Old In With The New

March marks the arrival of Spring. Things tend to come back to life. People eagerly want to replace their winter gear with their fresh spring apparel. Are you prepared? Be out with the old and in with the new with great selections from Hanks Clothing.

Spring can still be rainy and chilly. Filson has many stylish spring jackets. Included in this selection is the Filson Westlake Jacket. Water and wind resistant. With a 6 button front. Also looks great with a comfortable plaid lining. Paired with a khaki pant or jean, this jacket is sure to turn heads. And will keep you dry and warm during the spring weather.

If your not the jacket type and just want a warm sweatshirt to slip on ,the Woolx 1/4 zip is right for you. Made of 100 percent merino wool, this heavyweight is perfect for spring temperatures.Available in men’s or women’s and stylish colors to choose from. Non- itch and machine washable.

Women looking for a spring jacket that will keep you dry even in the worst of storms, look no further. The Carhartt Women’s Force Equator Jacket. Available in black or pink, this jacket will never let a drop of water fall upon your delicate skin. The FastDry technology wicks away moisture for premium comfort, and there are also tiny microbes built into this rugged fabric that will fight odors to keep you fresh.

When Spring has begun, mud and puddles happen. Rest assure, we carry a boot for that. The Muck Artic Sport Mid Extreme.Lightweight and comfortable, this boot will keep you warm and toasty all day.  Great for people with bigger calves and for anyone that just doesn’t want a boot that goes all the way up to their knees. We have a Muck Boot for the women too. The Muck Boots Ryder Mid Boot. Built on a last designed for women, providing ultimate fit and comfort.

Hanks Clothing will have you prepared and looking stylish in your new spring apparel before the first sight of a robin, or sprout of a fresh tulip. “Springtime is the land awakening. The March winds are the morning yawn.” -Lewis Grizzard.






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