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Ways To Reduce Your Electric Bill


Energy Smart

Energy Smart

Winter electric bills can really get you down. You imagine all the other finer things in life you can be spending your money on. Everyone is feeling the hurt of their electric bill lately due to the polar vortex. May we suggest ways to reduce your electric bill? [Read more →]

Cooking Up Your Wild Bird


Sauteed Duck

Now that your bird hunting is over, it’s time to gather your hunt and prepare a feast. However, not so fast! Do you know how? Or what dishes to prepare with wild game? Cooking up your wild bird has a few steps and techniques.

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Winter Camping Adventures

Winter Cabin

Winter Cabin

Who says you can’t have a blast on a camping adventure during the winter? You can, and it actually can be quite fun. Winter camping adventures are a great way to celebrate the cold. You just need to be more prepared with clothing and accessories. [Read more →]

Love Is In The Air


Every year on February 14th millions of Americans spend on average 100 dollars on that perfect gift for the loved one in their lives. Love is in the air this year and we want you to think outside the box. Here’s some great gift ideas for him or her. [Read more →]

Game On!


Super Bowl!

To many, this Sunday is a national holiday! It’s Super Bowl Sunday. The most anticipated game of the year. Grab your favorite jersey and settle in for a day full of snacks and screaming at your television set! Game On! [Read more →]