Turn This Into That


So you come to realize you have a massive amount of stuff lying around the house. You have to decide whether to trash it, sell it or recycle it.  Well I’m here to help you with a list of a few projects that are easy, fun and rewarding. Turn This Into That! We know you value your stuff especially if its from Hanks Clothing. But those boots have had it, or that belt doesn’t hold up anymore, perhaps your favorite flannel has holes in it. Turn your once beloved treasures into new exciting favorites once again.

Boots: Have a old boot laying around somewhere! Make it a Planter! Even an old Muck boot is a sure win on a porch filled with colorful flowers or plants. Just add some dirt and potting soil into the boot and plant! If that’s not your style, take that old Ariat cowboy boot and make it into a birdhouse. So Not only do you get to see the local birds, but you still get to see your once favorite boot hanging in a nearby tree. Just Make a hole large enough,  and add a small roof with some scrap wood laying around. Don’t forget to supply some bird food, they like that!

Belts: Make a leather Door Mat for all your new Boots! With a few stitches you can combine all your previous worn belts lengthwise to become a pretty fashionable way to say welcome, and a great place to set those boots after a long day. You haven’t got that many, no problem you can easily make a pair of fresh modern tie backs for your curtains out of one belt. My absolute favorite is a hanging lantern in the backyard. Use a mason jar either with flowers in it or a candle. The belt can be used to hang it from your fence or tree. Just a little snipping and gluing for this project. And Lastly for all you photograph enthusiasts, whats better than having a beautiful belt for your precious camera. A Old Belt makes a great camera strap.

Flannel: Warm your tootsies or hands with a diy hand warmer made out of your old flannel. Just cut some squares and sew. However don’t forget the rice in the bag! A beautiful scarf perhaps? Flannel is so comfortable why not lay your head on it with a homemade pillow.

Out with the old in with the new, but we hope you come back to Hanks for all your new! The above  projects can be found on Hanks Pinterest . Check them Out, and Get Crafty!

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