5 Tips For Comfortable Steel Toe Boots

Carolina Steel Toe Loggers

Carolina Steel Toe Loggers

When it comes to wearing steel toe boots or shoes you don't have to sacrifice comfort for the sake of safety. By following these 5 tips you can have steel toe protection and all day comfort in one. Continue reading after the jump…..


  1. Make sure your boots are long enough. The number one mistake in buying steel toe boots or shoes is getting them to short and too WIDE. Yes that's right too wide. When someone tries on a steel toe boot and they feel their toes rubbing in the steel toe they want to go wider when what they need is longer. Now don't get me wrong you want them wide enough but if the boot or shoe is to short then buying them wider will only make it worse. It will actually allow your foot to slide forward too far in the shoe and your toes will actually be more cramped. So try on a longer pair and get your toes back from the end of the steel toe and you'll notice much more comfort.
  2. Wear the proper sock. A good sock designed for steel toe footwear can make all the difference in the world. If you wear a cheap superstore sock you could have $250 boots and they can feel like worn out sneakers. Don't be afraid to lay out $12 – $18 for a great pair of socks. You're on your feet all day so trust me it's money well spent. Steel toe socks have extra padding built into the toe area to provide exa cushioning where you need it. Once you wear a quality sock you won't go back.
  3. Use after market insoles but buy the insoles first and fit your boots with the insoles. After market insoles can provide superior comfort but you need to fit the boot with the insoles. So research and purchase your insoles then take them with you and try on the boots with the insoles in them. If the boots or shoes have removable insoles remove them and replace them with the premium insoles you purchased. Expect to spend $18 – $30 on a good quality after market insole. Anything that cost less is probably just a waste of your money.
  4. Buy a quality boot or shoe. Avoid superstore shoes at all cost. If you just need some steel toe boots for a few days on a certain job or to just walk out in the warehouse a couple times a month then you probably can buy a cheap pair of shoes and be fine. But if you wear your shoes or boots 8-12 hours a day, 5 days a week, expect to pay $110 – $180 for a good quality steel toe work boot and about $85 – $130 for a good quality steel toe work shoe. Your shoes are one of the most important pieces of clothing you will need and are more like a tool than a clothing item. Don't skimp on your boots or shoes. A better shoe provides more comfort and better foot health. Always make sure they are leather and not man made materials. This doesn't mean you have to spend $300 for a boot because after a certain point you are paying for bells and whistles you may not even need but stay away from $50 boots or shoes. We think Carolina boots offer some of the best value in a work boot today.
  5. Buy a broad toe steel toe boot or shoe. For many people broad toe steel toe boots or shoes are the solution. These style boots and shoes offer an extra wide and extra high steel toe cap that gives plenty of room around the toe area. They are one of the best selling shoe styles and the new models have a great look unlike the ones from 15 years ago. New toe cap technology has allowed steel toe boots and shoes to be lighter and thinner then ever. Add a quality sock and a great insole and you may just forget you have steel toe boots on…that is until you drop something on them.

Thanks for stopping by and look for an article on composite toe safety shoes coming soon.


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