Steel Toe Boots with More Toe Room…Broad Toe Steel Toe Boots

Do your toes always feel a little cramped in your steel toe boots? If so you may may want to try some broad toe steel toe or composite toe boots. Designed with extra wide and extra high toe boxes these style shoes may be the answer to more comfortable steel toe boots….. ¬†They come in a variety of styles, insulated or uninsulated and most are waterproof. Carolina Boot Company makes a great selection of broad toe steel or composite toe boots with superior comfort and price that won’t leave your pockets empty. ¬†Remember though that the extra wide toe box won’t make up for the error of buying your shoes to short. Getting the proper length along with the broad toe will give you a boot with superior comfort if you have trouble with your toes rubbing in traditional steel or composite toe boots.

To view our broad toe boots on hanks just go here to . Once there in the white search box at the top of the page type in “broad” without the quotes. It will then show you the selection of broad toe safety shoes and boots. These just may be the ticket to more comfortable steel toe boots for you.

Carolina Broad Toe Logger boot. 400 Grams Thinsulate, Waterproof membrane.


Hanks Clothing

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