Stop wearing out the Toes of Steel Toe Boots and Shoes

steel_toe_worn A big problem for many people who have to wear Steel Toe boots and shoes is that they wear through the toes of them and the rest of the boot is still in good shape. This is common for people who work on their knees a lot like plumbers, carpenters, and roofers. Why do the toes of Steel Toe Boots and Shoes wear out? Keep reading below for why and how to prevent it….

Why do the Toes Wear out on Steel Toe boots quicker than Non-Steel Toe boots?
The fact that the steel is behind the leather acts like an anvil for the leather. If you took a cinder block and rubbed the palm of your hand against it you could push and rub pretty hard before you caused abrasions on the skin. Now make a fist and rub your knuckles against it and you can’t rub very hard before you would damage the skin and start to bleed. The knuckles close to the skin act like an anvil and you would rub the skin off a lot quicker. The same idea is what causes the leather to wear out on the toes of the Steel Toe boots quicker.

How to prevent the Toes on Your Steel Toe Boots from wearing out.
kgbg-th Fortunately there is a great product that you can easily apply to the boots to pretty much eliminate this issue. It’s called KG’s Boot Guard and it’s inexpensive and easy to apply. You simply paint a coat on the toe, let it dry 4 hours, paint on another coat, let it dry overnight and your good to go. Keep an eye on the toe area and when you see leather showing again just paint on a little more. With this product you’ll eliminate the problem of wearing out the toes on your steel toe boots. We have many customers who have tripled the life of their boots with this product resulting in hundreds of dollars in savings. Take a look at the flash demo below and look for a podcast demo on this coming soon.

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