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KG’s Boot Guard Podcast..How to stop toes of Steel Toe Boots from wearing through

[podcast format=”video”]http://www.hanksclothing.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/KG Boot Guard demo.m4v[/podcast]

Sleeveless Safety Lime T-Shirts…Hard to find item

Safety Lime Sleeveless T's

We searched high and low just couldn’t find these from any of our suppliers. Finally we gave up and had them made for us. So just in time for Summer Hanks has 50/50 Poly Cotton blend 6.5 oz fabric Sleeveless Safety Lime t-shirts in stock and ready to ship. These are a seasonal item and will only be available in the summer months so grab some before they are sold out for the season. Perfect weight for the summer! Be cool and comfortable!


Stop wearing out the Toes of Steel Toe Boots and Shoes

steel_toe_worn A big problem for many people who have to wear Steel Toe boots and shoes is that they wear through the toes of them and the rest of the boot is still in good shape. This is common for people who work on their knees a lot like plumbers, carpenters, and roofers. Why do the toes of Steel Toe Boots and Shoes wear out? Keep reading below for why and how to prevent it….

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How to Make Boots More Comfortable

2x3_up on a beam_low_res A week or so ago I made a post on how to buy steel toe boots so they don’t hurt your feet. That post has been getting a lot of views and some of the traffic is coming from people asking how to make uncomfortable boots more comfortable. Since it seemed to be a popular question I thought I’d post some tips here. Keep reading below…

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Choosing the Proper Summer Work Clothes

As the days begin to get warmer with summer on the way, many of us with outdoor jobs begin to switch out our winter work clothing to workwear a little more appropriate. The sunny days mean you’ll be swapping the big heavy Carhartt jacket, gloves, and insulated boots for work shorts and lighter workwear shirts.

Showing up at the job site with the wrong clothes on is just as bad as coming to work with the wrong tools. While, you want to be sure that your work clothing looks professional, comfort and safety are also important. You want clothing that provides adequate protection and is appropriate for the job at hand.  Continue reading below…
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