How to buy comfortable Steel Toe Boots that won’t hurt your feet.


When it comes to buying Steel Toe Boots many people complain that they hurt their feet and cramp their toes. This is very common and actually very easy to fix. Click below to read what causes this and the simple fix.
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Why do they hurt?
99.9% of the time when Steel Toe boots or shoes bother your feet it is simply because they are too SHORT. That’s right…most people buy their shoes and boots to short. It is the most common fitting error and the one that can cause the most trouble. It is magnified in steel toe footwear because although you can get away with wearing a soft toe boot that is to short you can’t with a steel toe. It just doesn’t give and will always cause problems. The cure is to buy the boots a half size to whole size bigger. What you don’t want to do though that is the second biggest mistake people make when fitting steel toe boots and shoes? That’s next.

wide So what’s the second biggest error when fitting Steel Toe footwear?
Most people try on Steel Toe boots and if they rub their toes or are uncomfortable they tend to make the second biggest mistake, they buy a wider width. I’m not saying a wider width won’t help but if it’s bothering your toes it HAS to be longer also.You need to move the end of your toes back further from the end of the shoe and a wider width won’t do that.There is no reason a steel toe boot has to be uncomfortable. Just make sure they are long enough. Now for the last thing that can make a big difference in how your feet feel at the end of the day.

f1140-m One last thing to really make steel toe boots feel great.
If you want to really add some comfort and have your feet feel great in steel toe shoes at the end of the day buy a sock designed for steel toe boots. These socks add an extra layer of cushion on the top and sides of the toe area that provide an extra layer of cushion between your toes and the end of the boot. I’m telling you it will be the best $8 bucks you ever spend. Some of you will think that’s a lot of money if you’re used to buying socks at the big box stores for $6 for 6 pair but that’s just what you are getting. These socks have enough yarn in one pair to make 6 pair of those bagged socks. The tops of these however aren’t overly thick where you don’t need the padding so it won’t make the shoe tight.

So follow these tips and I’m pretty sure you’ll be a happy camper at the end of the day. There is pretty much no reason you can’t be comfortable in steel toe footwear as long as you fit them up properly.


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