How long should Boots last?


One of the things that customers get most misinformed about is how long a boot should last. Many customers believe the more you pay for a boot the longer they should last. Nothing is further from the truth. Price has nothing to do with the life of a boot. You need to match the right boot to the right purpose. Any one who has tried to loosen a Phillips head screw with a knife knows that the wrong tool can make an easy job a tough one and ruin a perfectly good knife in the process. You need to match the right tool to the job and task at hand. Boots are tools and are no different. Keep reading to learn how to match the right boot with the right job.

We offer a 200 year Boot Warranty at Hanks!

That’s right. Hanks will guarantee your boots to last for 200 years with only one condition:

  1. Wear your boots once a year and we will guarantee them for 200 years.

You didn’t really think a boot would last 200 years did you? At any rate I hope you see the point behind this. Boots are very much like tires in no one can tell you how long a tire will last in days, months, or years. They can tell you about how many miles they will last under normal driving conditions. One person may take 4 years to put 40,000 miles on a tire and another does it only 1 year. Both got the same amount of driving miles on the tires but time wise they last one driver longer. Boots are the same way. Wear your boots only on the weekends and they will last much longer time wise than if you wear them everyday. Also the person who likes to peel out from every stop light is going to wear those tires out a lot faster than the one who takes it nice and easy. Beat on your boots by kicking stones out of the way, lifting a 2×4 up with the toe of your boot, or dragging your feet to stop that dirt bike and your boots are going to wear out quicker.

Fit the right boot to the right job.

The most important thing to do when choosing a boot is to fit the right boot to the job environment. A great hunting boot makes a lousy logger boot and a logger boot isn’t the best for hunting. I’ll run down a few of the differences for you:

Irish Setter Hunting BootHunting boots are usually built to be light weight and easy to walk in. The same characteristics that make them light also reduce some of the durability but if used for hunting as intended this isn’t a factor. If you wear a boot like this on a construction site it will generally last about 4-7 months as they are not designed to be worn in that environment. Keep them for use in the woods and you can get several hunting seasons out of them.

Carolina Logger BootsCarolina Logger Boots are made to last longer in work environment. The rugged soles grip well in soil and they are designed to take a beating. Of course this makes them a bit heavier but that’s what makes them more durable. With prices starting at $79.95 these are a great value in a logger boot and our best selling work boot. Under normal working conditions with everyday wear boots like this should last 8-12 months.
Worx General Purpose BootGeneral purpose work boots like the Work by Red Wing Farm boot are great for general work activities. Light, durable, smooth non tracking soles, and all day comfort make for a boot that is a good fit for a general purpose boot. Farming, construction, and contractors are a good fit for a boot like this.

So buy for function and don’t base quality on price…look more at features.

So in the end make sure you are buying the right boot for the job you are using them for. A $210 hunting boot will wear out in 4 months on the construction site where as a $79.95 logger will last 8-12 months. Also don’t pay for features you don’t need. If you work inside a heated building don’t buy the insulated waterproof model at $109.95…buy the un-insulated model for $79.95 and it will last just as long and you’ll save a bit of money.

Thanks again for listening and we’ll talk to you next week.


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