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Wards Army Navy
Hanks Clothing's Roots

Hanks Clothing traces its roots back to 1949 with the Inception of Wards Army and Navy Store. A young Hank Calleo went to work for Ward Barnell in Wards Army and Navy store in Binghamton, NY. Hank briefly left Wards employment and opened a gas station nearby but it wasn't long until Ward wanted Hank back. Driving over to the Gas Station Ward enticed Hank to come back. Hank was reluctant due to his investment in the Gas Station but Ward wanting Hank back bought all the items from the gas station then re-selling them in the store! Not longer after that Hank bought the store from Ward and changed the Name to Hanks Clothing.

A true Army and Navy store with surplus from World War II it offered a huge selection with rock-bottom prices. Soon after hunting, fishing, clothing, footwear, and firearms were added. Throughout the 50s and 60s the business grew and many new lines were added to the product selection.

 Hanks Clothing Circa 1968
Hanks Clothing Circa 1968

 In 1967 with increased growth and limited space, Wards Army And Navy moved into a new larger building. Along with the move came a name change..."Hanks Clothing". Reflecting the direction of the company from it's Army and Navy roots. This building was further expanded with an addition in the 1970's more than doubleing the square footage.

Throughout the years many changes have taken place. A second location was added to serve the work boot and clothing customer along with catalog and internet sales to reach customers all over the US. On October 25th, 1999 Hanks Would add another chapter to it's retail book. hanksclothing.com was created and would allow a local business to serve customers around the world with the same service, selection, and prices that the locals have enjoyed for over 6 decades. At Hanks we strive to "Always have a satisfied customer" Needless to say this simple motto has brought us a long way.